Steak Strip Provolone Pretzel Roll Sandwich - Sponsored Content - Home Chef

By NZ072128

I have been trying Home Chef for the past few weeks, and this meal was so good I had to review it. The steak was b-e-a-u-tifuly seasoned on top of a soft toasted pretzel roll bun. Partnered with pickled banana peppers and shallots really added the acidic taste that gave this a huge boost. The provolone cheese to drape on this masterpiece was a no brainer, it really made sure this puppy stayed strongly together. Below the steak strips, there was a nice layer of chipotle aioli to give it an extra kick. I think I could have done a better job cooking the taters as they were a little dull and soft, but that can be fixed easily on the second try. Overall, this was one of the most delicious things I have made. Link to the recipe:

Score: 9.3/10