Chicken Adobo Flautas - Home Chef

By NZ072128

I've never had chicken adobo flautas before so I was quite excited for this meal. I love chicken, pico, and sour cream so what can I not like about this meal? So when we get down to details, this bad boi was some seasoned shredded chicken with grilled shallots with a tad bit of shredded cheese rolled up in a tortilla and toasting that creation once it is rolled up together. Finally, when it came time to plate this dish, it was topped with some pico de gallo and green chilli aioli sour cream. And for the taste, I wouldn't say this meal really hit it out of the park. The chicken was a little bit too salty from the seasoning and that would make your mouth pretty dry with each bite. The only cure for that dryness was to drench your bite in the green chilli aioli sour cream and pico to the point to where that is all you can taste. Also I burnt some of the shallots that mixed with the chicken so I feel that really threw the whole dish off. Overall, I probably would not make this meal again. I expect more from the chefs.

Score: 6.0/10