Szechuan Pork Noodle Bowl with Crispy Wontons (Sponsored) - Home Chef

By NZ072128

This was a quick 15-minute meal to whip it. It contained some pork, slaw, and green onions cooked in a spicy Szechuan sauce to provide a mix of flavors. The spice wasn't out of this world, I feel it could of use twice the amount as it was kind of lacking on the taste and that is about the only flavor that was put into this dish. The crispy wonton to top this dish gave it a nice crunch that really melded in nicely with the bounce of the noodles. I feel the only thing that would have made this dish complete was a nice amount of Sriracha sauce, which I did not have :(. Without Sriracha sauce I can't see myself making this dish again. Link to recipe:

Score: 7.0/10